“We are those of the Produttori di Manduria”

In the expression probably without mean for the foreigners it is included one of the most important result achieved by this cooperative: to make the partner ( there are others 300) happy to belong to a winning team.

The Consorzio Produttori Vini has a social reality for every ages (from 25 years of the younger partner to almost 100 of older one) and social categories, united by a common project of protection of an old tradition vine-growing which with modern agronomic and oenological techniques offers to the consumers high quality for the right price. To reinforce the spirit of the group from 2000, in the month of July, in the opposite square the cooperative organizes a party for its partners and their families, mobilizing the whole community of Manduria.

The interviews of Vinaccia face to face
Lucio Antonio Pirozzi
Angelo Salvatore Dimitri
Rosa Proto
Arturo d’Ayala Valva
Antonio e Cosimo Mangiulli
Antonio Passero
Antonio Scorrano
Cataldo Mangione
Crocefissa Baldari
Elisa Calò
Ernesto Malagnino
Euprepio Luigi Sammarco
Giancarlo Schiavoni
Immacolata Dimastrodonato
Leonardo Giumentaro
Maria Vittoria Mannarini
Raffaele Sammarco