Very important are the religious and profane events of folklore that happen during the year in Manduria. On the religious side can be mentioned the rite of “li Pirdunanzi , according to it, the devotee arrived to the Sanctuary of S.Pietro in Bevagna can benefit by many indulgences. More evocative and of a older origin is the penitential rite of the “Processione degli Alberi” that happens in the dry spells. The believers follow the picture of the S. Pietro up to Manduria, bringing on the shoulders branches and logs to propitiate the arrival of the rain. Can be mentioned the procession of “Misteri”which happens in the holy week and the devotees follow 7 holy statues, that represent the passion of Christ.

Very important is the “Fiera Pessima” which happens in march in concomitance with the patronal and holy day of S. Gregorio. It was founded by Giovanna II d’Angiò, queen of Naples, creating in Manduria a big fair of agricultural goods. The word “Pessima” (very bad) refers to the bad meteorological situation in which it took place.