Library of Museo della Civiltà del Vino Primitivo

The library was founded by the wish of some members to donate, to our Museo della Civiltà del Vino Primitivo, volumes from their collections, to contribute to the knowledge of the culture of which our territory has been nourished.Born within a cellar deeply rooted in the territory, the most substantial and important sections are dedicated to agriculture, with the subgenre of the oenology, and to the history of the territory, in general meridional, but there are books of general culture.

In constant evolution, today the library’s heritage consists of about 5000 volumes, by vocation, it is a candidate to be one of the most complete libraries of history of Primitivo and its territory.

The Enology section is very broad and embraces a period of time that goes back to 1853, with the monograph On the disease of vines: memory of the oculist doctor Gennaro Barracano of Naples, up to the very current Il breath of wine by Luigi Moio in 2017.

For example, by virtue of their value and cultural interest, the 1810 edition of the economic societies stands out: the decree for the establishment of the agricultural societies of Gioacchino Napoleone and the five hundred Marci Catonis, ac M. Teren. Varronis de re rustica libri, for Petrum Victorium, ad ueterum exemplarium fidem, integers restituti integrit, clearly dated to 1541.

In addition to a vast array of specialized wine magazines and a rich list of multimedia works, there is also the section of about 40 degree theses that focus on the economic, industrial and social world of the winery and its settlement territory: from the Primitivo di Gioia del Colle wine, discussed in the academic year 1948/49, to the technical techniques of Risk management and ISO: the 2015/16 case of Consorzio Produttori Vini of Manduria.

The initiative continues to be supported also by donations from libraries and national publishing houses, with which there is a profitable inter-library exchange.

In June 2018 the library became part of the Taranto Campus, which adheres to the Sistema Bibliotecario Nazionale (S.B.N.), and its heritage is currently in the process of bibliographic cataloging.

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